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Guaranteed first page listing on Google plus ongoing placement of additional listings or links on Major Search Engines, Local Search Engines, Social Sites, Review Sites and Directories

The decline of the print Yellow Pages has created a great opportunity for smart, aggressive local businesses to connect with today’s internet savvy customers who prefer to use online and mobile  search capabilities instead of traditional resources such as Yellow Pages, local newspapers and hand outs.  This trend is increasing every year.  With our local search marketing program, Geo Listing Service helps your business stand out and geographically target the motivated customers searching online and with mobile devices every day.

As a business owner, it is important to adjust your marketing strategy to keep up with the changing ways that customers find local products and services.  Local search marketing with Geo Listing Service is a simple, cost-effective strategy which can make a dramatic difference to your marketing return on investment.  It is increasingly important to act quickly and establish a strong online presence in the local search results before your competitors do. If your business is not listed on the first page of Google then another business has taken your place and is making money in your absence.

Geo Listing Service provides an affordable  and cost effective alternative to the huge outlay of time and money required for organic search engine optimization or pay per click advertising. Our local search marketing program is a simple and inexpensive avenue to get  your business profile listed everywhere on the internet accurately, clearly and with all the details that are important to you and your customers. Your business can't afford not to have the best possible exposure for all of its public information and contact points at an affordable price.

So get started today and increase your company's online visibility and status with Geo Listing Services local search marketing solution!

Percentage of Small and Medium sized Businesses Using Online Media and Traditional Media
SOURCE: Local Commerce Monitor, survey conducted by The Kelsey Group with research partner ConStat.

Our 100% money back guarantee:

If your business is not listed on the first page, top 7 of Google local business results within 60 days of initial payment, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid, including the initial set-up fee.  However if you elect to continue service, all payments will be suspended until your business listing reaches the first page, top 7 of Google local business results.

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