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From: Mike Bray


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From: Mike Bray
RE: Explosive Growth Of Your Book Sales Online
Hello fellow Author,

If you want to “fast track” your way to becoming a cash-rich author, and have your work widely read and enjoyed by thousands then%u2026 this will%u2026 without a doubt%u2026 be the most electrifying message you’ll ever read!

Here’s why:

Right now there is a fantastic transformation taking place in the world of self publishing.

That’s right…And with social media websites taking over, ebooks outselling normal paper books, and the incredible saturation of technology like cheap netbooks, tablets, eReaders, and low price computers it’s never been easier for self published authors to make money and get their works read!

But the key to winning is that you have to know how to use the right strategies to market and sell your works.

How do I know?

Well, I’ve been involved in marketing for over 30 years, with the past 16 years spent dealing specifically with online marketing.

And since traditional publishing is dying a slow, agonizing death, you must join the new digital revolution or you are going to be left behind.

This is because the internet is changing, no scratch that, the internet HAS CHANGED the entire game for authors like you, and…

Once you master key internet marketing strategies you can literally write your own ticket with your self published books.

This is because there are so many tools, websites, and resources out there for self published authors it’s just amazing.

And if you know what to do, success is yours for the taking!

How An “Old School” Author Cracked The Internet Code And Created An Incredible Income From His Self Published Works
Not too long ago, a friend of mine, L.J. Martin contacted me for some help with his self publishing business.

Now, L.J is no stranger to publishing as he’s been involved with the industry for over 25 years as both an author and a publicist.

He’s also self published 25 of his own works as well…

But he approached me with a problem.

He wanted to know how he could take all of his experience in publishing and combine it with internet marketing to sell more copies of his books…

So we sat down together and we came up with the ultimate system that combines my 16 years of online marketing experience with his 25 years of publishing experience.

Needless to say, the result is phenomenal…

And now I want to share this exclusive system with you!

So without further ado, I’m proud to introduce our new eBook….

“Internet Rich”

Your Blueprint To MASSIVE Book Sales

The Internet Rich blueprint is based on a unique marketing strategy that combines several aspects of internet marketing with traditional publishing to create a highly synergistic system that just feeds you sale after sale after sale.

Once you get your hands on this terrific system you’ll be able to easily generate astounding levels of book sales for all of your works.

Let me be more specific…Here’s exactly what you’re going to discover once you get your hands on Internet Rich:

Why Social Media has changed the entire publishing world ( It will never be the same again, find out exactly what you need to do to thrive in today’s digital frontier )
The real truth behind eBooks revealed ( You’ve heard all the rumors and seen the news stories, but here is the real truth behind eBook sales exposed! )
How the bankruptcy of Borders books marked the end of an era ( This giant was slayed, and now you can find out exactly what did it! )
Why the internet is quite simply, the world’s ULTIMATE promotional tool for your books ( It’s never been easier for regular everyday joe’s to make a killing publishing their own works online, here’s how )
Why Amazon’s suggestion tool is helping authors just like you move mountains of their work and how you can cash in ( Ever bought something on Amazon? If so you’ve seen these little suggestions, and here’s how they can make you rich! )
Why word of mouth is still the KING of advertising for book sales, and how you can leverage popular internet websites to help get the word out about your book ( With the internet connecting so many people, its now possible for you to sell out entire printings just on word of mouth alone, here’s how to do it )
Author website secrets revealed ( Why you must have your own website, and the exact things you MUST put on it )
How to create your own Press Kit and/or Media Kit for your book on a shoestring budget ( Discover the in’s and out’s of a successful media kit that only stuffs more dollars into your pockets )
Simple domain name tactics that help you choose the right address for your website ( .Com or .Net, Long or Short? Discover the simple formula that lets you choose a dynamite domain name every time )
The super powerful FREE software that you can use to create an incredible website in one or two hours ( And we show you exactly where to go to get it! )
Facebook secrets uncovered ( How to leverage the incredible selling power lying dormant on everyone’s favorite social networking site to move heaps of your books )
Twitter traffic tactics exposed ( How this stupid little microblogging site is helping people just like you “Tweet” their way to success with online book sales, trust me, if you read nothing else, read this section! )
Why you must NEVER forget about LinkedIn, and how you can use it to make some very profitable connections ( It’s not what you know but who you know, and LinkedIn helps you meet some very powerful people in this industry, all for FREE, if you’re not on there you’re simply missing the boat )
How to properly use Youtube for video marketing your books and other works ( So many authors get this one completely wrong, avoid the pitfalls that keep them wallowing in mediocrity and learn the success secrets of the elite marketers who’ve cracked the Youtube code )
A simple way to use old school press releases to generate interest and book sales ( Get the word out about your new book, you’ve worked hard, so tell people about it! Reap massive rewards if a press entity runs your story! )
The real truth about hiring outside help like Publicists, Freelancers, and others ( Don’t ever worry about getting taken again, learn exactly who you need and who you don’t need to help you )
Search Engine Optimization explained in plain English ( You can’t overlook Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and we show you how to get on the first page of these sites without using super techy geek language )
How you can quickly and easily build a list of rabid fans eager to buy anything you put out using free and low cost tools ( Send an email and make money! It’s definitely possible if you set up the right system, and building a list is going to help you sell more books than you’ve ever dreamed. )
Social Bookmarking revealed ( Learn how you can use the potent power of collaborative sharing sites to gain traffic and book sales, it’s a lot easier than you think!)
How you can create an entire full-length book using nothing but Microsoft WORD ( Forget buying some expensive software or special program, you’ve probably already have everything you need to write your book right now )
How you can quickly and easily create an eye catching cover graphic for your book, even if you can’t draw to save your life ( Forget being artistic, we expose a super tool that lets you create awesome covers with zero prior experience )
Internet book publishing secrets unveiled ( Want to do a printed run? Forget traditional publishing houses! We reveal several underground internet self publishing resources that let you publish as many copies of your work as you wish, for fractions of what it would normally cost )
How to get on Amazon for sweet Kindle sales and more ( If you want to sell A LOT OF COPIES you HAVE to get your book into their marketplace, and we show you exactly how to do it! )
Why you should use alternative eBook publishing sites like Smashwords ( If you don’t seek out the smaller companies you’re just leaving money on the table, let us show you exactly where else to publish electronic copies of your book )
Our exclusive Rolodex of ghost writers, cover designers, eBook formatters ( Good help is hard to find, but we’ve already done all of the heavy lifting, here for the first time ever is THE definitive list of reliable people to outsource your work to for a fair price)
How to publish on Nook ( If you’re serious about becoming a success, you can’t ignore the Nook, and we reveal our exclusive tactics to getting your book published on it successfully )
A full in-depth glossary of internet marketing and internet publishing terms ( Never again feel like you don’t know what someone is talking about in this industry, all the terms, slang, and industry lingo are exposed in a simple format that’ll have you sounding like an expert in no time )
And much much more!

As you can see this is the most incredible package ever put together on both internet marketing and self publishing.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you an arm and a leg either.

For A Limited Time Only, You Can Get Your Hands On Internet Rich For The Low Price Of Just $14.95 Paperback Price!

I think its plain to see that my Internet Rich can impact your life almost immediately, but don’t just take my word for it…
See What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About It!


“I’ve read a lot of books regarding e-marketing, e-books but this one definitely takes the cake. Not only does Bray touch on the subject of creating e-books and selling them successfully, but he breaks it down in layman terms. Anyone can understand what he’s talking about because the concepts that seem so complex are actually very simple. The book is thorough touching everything from writing an e-book, finding a niche, the title, the graphics, and the marketing scheme to get your audience. Also, I really like how he presses the use of social networking and building up a more social/viral base. Using this sort of way to promote your product will get you a bigger audience as well as save you money through word of mouth from your product. After reading this book, I’m more sure than ever about taking the steps to write my own e-book.”

Danielle C.:

“There are a lot of books available on how to publish a book, but in 2011, virtually all of them are obsolete. The internet has leveled the playing field, and it’s a whole new ball game with a new set of rules. Anyone can do it, but there are right ways and wrong ways. Internet Rich by Mike Bray and L.J. Martin doesn’t just tell you the “right” way to do it – it tells you exactly how to do it and succeed.

With the authors’ extensive backgrounds in books and publishing, Internet Rich will be of particular interest to anyone wanting to publish books online (who knew that the eBook has overtaken conventional paper book sales?!) But this is an invaluable tool to anyone selling anything online. Featuring step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow, it’s a golden ticket for explosive sales through promoting and marketing yourself and product online. As the authors promise, the references and links alone are indeed worth the price of the book: they are all you need to target and communicate with your market.

Internet Rich is an eye-opening, potentially life-changing book for writers or anyone smart enough to recognize the opportunities the internet has opened up.”


“The Ebook industry has at last caught up with music, and Kindle and Nook have revolutionized the way we buy books just as ITunes did with music. It has never been easier for anyone to write and publish their own story or information. The two authors of Internet Rich – both hugely successful veterans in publishing and marketing – have revealed their exact “formula” for succeeding in this wide-open global market.

This is the most up-to-date book on self-publishing and online marketing – with cutting-edge promotional tactics and strategies that will work for selling anything, as well as books. So much has changed online in the last year, and the industry continues to move quickly. The purchase of this book also gets you access to the authors’ website, with invaluable reference and updates.

These are the most current, effective and least expensive methods available that anyone can implement to promote their own titles or product, increase exposure and get those sales.”

Seriously Consider What Internet Rich Is Really Worth To You
There is no question about it, the strategies and tactics presented in Internet Rich can and WILL work for your self publishing business, no matter what types of books you’re working with.

Look, to learn these same strategies you could spend $2,000 or $3,000 going to some seminar in a fancy hotel over the course of a weekend.

You could also try to piece everything you’re going to learn here from other products and books, but be prepared to spend $900 or more on everything, also set aside three or four weeks of your time to learn it.

Other people online would try to charge you $200, $300, or even $500 or more for this exact same information as well, so if that tickles your fancy, go ahead and get one of those courses…

Or you could be smart, and get Internet Rich today, which has everything you need to succeed with your works a success in one place, for a one time small investment of just $14.95 for the paperback.

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